Day 5 in Peru, Part 1 — Challenge Accepted :)

For the 1 millionth time . . . the views :)

For the 1 millionth time . . . the views ūüôā

“I don’t need no permission to do what I do. ¬†Come through and show the whole world how I do.” — Keith Murray ft. Tyrese , “Nobody Do it Better”

10:30 am and the bus drops us off at the Moray Inca Ruins for our 2nd day of downhill mountain biking!  While our bikes were being unloaded we had some time to tour the grounds with a tour guide.  Moray is an archaeological site northwest of Cuzco, Peru.  The site is comprised of levels in the earth that decline into a big ditch.

Moray Inca Ruin

Moray Inca Ruin

Historians have documented¬†that the various levels were used to cultivate different crops. ¬†Because of the different levels the temperatures between the top level and the bottom level can differ by 15 degrees Celsius (warmer on the bottom). ¬†To test this theory we wanted to check out the bottom level. ¬†However our tour guide advised us that we only had 20 minutes before we departed so the answer was “No.” ¬†20 minutes to make it to the bottom and then climb back up? ¬†CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. ¬†So a few of us raced down the path to make it all the way to the bottom. ¬†I think the challenge of beating the time allocated for exploration overwhelmed our curiosity to test temperature, but who cares? ¬†CHALLENGE COMPLETED!

I'm going to go against the guide's advice and make it down there and back up in 20 min!

I’m going to go against the guide’s advice and make it down there and back up in 20 min!


Made it all the way down and back up in the 20 minute time limit!

So back on the bikes we go . . . Speed, fear of death, the views of a beautiful country and the sun shining is the best way to start today’s adventure!

Taking a break to take in the views :)

Taking a break to take in the views ūüôā

This leg of the bike excursion was more steep and treacherous than the day previous. ¬†Narrower paths, steeper downhill angles, higher cliffs, and more hairpin turns definitely tested my courage. ¬†There was a point where I got off balance on my bike on a sharp turn. ¬†If I hadn’t shot out my right leg to brace my fall I would have been rolling a down a cliff and maybe not writing this blog right now! ¬†Falling three times and having sore quads is a much better alternative than the former. ¬†Love those death defying moments!

This path wasn't big enough for both bikes and horses.

This path wasn’t big enough for both bikes and horses.

The pièce de résistance of this biking trek was the salt mines near the town of Maras.  Salt is obtained from evaporating salty water from streams that flow from the mountains.  The views here are breath taking!

Peruvian Salt Mines

Peruvian Salt Mines . . . Breath taking view!


Mounds of salt


Pools of salty water.

MOMENT OF ZEN: ¬†Age is just a number. ¬†I remember saying to one of my more “seasoned” teammates, “I wish I get as young as you when I get to your age.” ¬†His response was perfect, “Just keep doing shit!” It’s the spirit of adventure and zest for discovery that keeps us young. ¬†It’s the repetition of our stories of exploration that make us immortal ūüôā¬†CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

Young and still badass!

Young and still badass!

Peace, love, and adventure!


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